A New & Terrible Fibro Symptom 

Okay, maybe it might not sound so terrible when you put it on the list of all myother fibro symptoms but since it’s new I have to whine about it. 

My freaking mouth! My teeth and mouth and jaw and my stupid tongue too. I’ve had issues with my tongue since I was a kid. I didn’t understand why it looked like it had scars on it when I was young. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with the boy that my fabulous Dr. Macaroni told me I had geographic tongue. Now I had grown up having an annual dental check up my entire life, only had one filling, had wisdom teeth removed- and no one had ever told me that! But it made sense – I periodically seem to lose my tastebuds, my tongue looks like a road map and most recently my tongue is super sensitive to spice, heat, etc.  

But since I’ve gone off the morphine my teeth, my mouth and my jaw are aching so bad! I don’t think it’s an infected tooth – it doesn’t feel like that – it feel like every nerve in my mouth is exposed and raw. It’s so bad that my sleep has gotten even worse – I’m sleeping about 2 to 3 hours at a time and then my mouth pain wakes me up! What the cuss?! (Or how about – what the cuspid?! 😉) It’s quite literally a pain in the mouth. Thankfully I’m going to the doctor on Friday. Hopefully this will calm the heck down so I can get some sleep!  (This post was written at 7am after about an hour of sleep since 4pm the day before – so if it doesn’t make sense – well screw it) 

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