I Read This Today

…and it spoke so clearly to me. Trying to explain this fibro garbage to anyone is just not easy – and I think this passage says it better than I have been able to. The focus is on trying to explain fibromyalgia to your spouse – on that point, I’m so grateful. I don’t have to share this with Andy so that he can understand what I’m dealing with. My husband likes to torture me with jokes (the same joke over & over which he seems to think is hysterical) but has supported me and taken care of me since all of this began. It’s not always a smooth road for either of us and we are a normal couple with normal problems but I honestly couldn’t ask for a more sympathetic partner in this life. With God’s help we had waded through a river of shit before I got sick, but because we had already made it through that mess I truly believe it prepared us to deal with my illness. 

So here’s what I read on Twitter today – thank you to@breezabeach & @fibrobloggers for posting it. 

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